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Hales Global Group identifies, develops, and executes strategic business development opportunities for clients using a wide variety of innovative communication tools. By collecting and analyzing business development intelligence, you are able to seize undiscovered opportunities. We conduct intensive research and studies to develop business information you can put into action while providing you with the highest level of situational understanding for every opportunity we identify and capture.

We have been providing business development; capture management, proposal management, proposal development and orals coaching to the Government contracting community since 1975. We are located in the heart of Washington D.C. and walking distance of the Capitol and many of the federal agencies.

At Hales Global Group understanding who is buying what you are selling and how they buy is the basis for defining a tailored plan of action. We help our clients focus on the right agencies, programs, contracts and teaming partners where their solutions have the best fit for a contract.

Identifying a good opportunity, and gaining the exposure necessary to become a viable competitor, is the entry point into the race. A successful competitive business development program consists of:

    • Defining what your offering is
    • Developing a clear message that communicates why you are the best at what you do
    • Delivering that message to the right people
    • Building the customer’s confidence in your ability to deliver
    • Developing a level of trust that allows you to influence your customer’s thinking on what constitutes the best solution
    • Delivering an insightful, well engineered proposal that enables the customer to award their business to you without hesitation and presenting yourself at orals as confident, competent and likeable.

At Hales Global Group we have spent years refining techniques and methods to take you through the entire competitive business process-enabling consistent, repeatable success.

President Obama top advisors conduct a special White House Summit. The elite group of less than 300 individuals came from across America. The private briefing, which was closed to the media presenters, included Valarie Jarrett, Senior Advisor & Assistant to the President, Michael Strautmanis, Deputy Assistant to the President, Todd Park, Assistant to The President and U.S. Chief Technology Officer.

Larry Hales addresses FEMA/Homeland Security at the FEMA headquarters in Washington DC.

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